I have always been an avid reader of romance. As a child who was raised in both the United States and the United Kingdom, I spent uncountable hours traveling and always enjoyed reading to pass the time. In fact, you can still find me curled up in my overstuffed chair, especially during winter when the wood fire is crackling and popping, reading a page-turning novel until the early hours of the morning.

As I began researching and writing love scenes for my own series, it became apparent there seemed to be a cultural divide between what people believed was normal sexual behavior and that which people considered BDSM.

In the Prestian Series, while Chase and Katarina do not claim a full on BDSM relationship, they do, however, enjoy an erotic connection, pushing the boundaries of what society may find to be ordinary or acceptable sexual practices leaving one to ask themselves why not. For mature audiences only.

Dare to undress your dreams and shed your fantasies into reality...Welcome to my first novel series: The Prestian Series !