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Degrees of Acceptance

Degrees of Innocence
March 3, 2016
Degrees of Control
March 3, 2016
Katarina Meilers is powerless against the magnetism of Chase Prestian and surmounting her initial fears, plunges into an intensified journey of sexual, emotional, and personal discovery.

When she learns the identity of her father, a man she never knew, Katarina disregards the long-term impacts and risks associated with meeting him. Chase is formidable and relentless in his attempts to keep her and their loved ones protected from threats that arise with global upheaval and territorial unrest, so prevalent in his world and that of her father’s.

Katarina is catapulted onto an emotional roller coaster and must come to terms with the realm that her father and Chase dwell in, and the sphere of control they exude across the globe.