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About Via Mari

Are you a fan of steamy billionaire, mafia and bad boy romance?

Then you’re going to love the work of Via Mari. She is an accomplished author that specializes in writing contemporary romance that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Readers who loved Fifty Shades of Grey and Crossfire will be ecstatic that there is another world to read. Via’s collection currently includes four separate series which are all interconnected. She just started the Larussio Crime Family, so stay tuned as she delves into the more intense and dominant traits of the Italian cousins who will do anything and everything to protect the woman they love.

Her dialogue is genuine, and she has a knack for writing twists that you will never see coming. Romance-wise, she fills the pages with a fiery passion. She’s mastered the art of writing about attraction, flirting and sex. If you want to tantalize yourself with a story of love and compassion, then her books are perfect for you. Our prices are affordable and we can ship to a large portion of the world. 

Via enjoys writing steamy and suspenseful romance, creating dominant and powerful male characters who protect and pleasure their women, and intelligent, strong, and sassy ladies who capture their hearts. She enjoys creating scenes that allow readers to safely explore what they would and would not be willing to try. Sign up for her exclusive reader newsletter where you’ll get a glimpse into her personal life, as well as sneak previews, contests, behind the scenes fun and be the first to learn about new and upcoming books.

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