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Boss's Vendetta

Sicilian Gods



A ruthless mafia boss with a score to settle. A sassy heroine who’s not getting away. Will any chance at love survive the aftermath?

We knew the bloodbath was possible, just not when or how our enemies would strike. In a heart-wrenching minute of blazing guns, the responsibility of getting retribution for the savage Italian Crime Family falls to me, Salvatore Larussio.

The fair-skinned beauty should focus on doing as she’s told and been trained to do. Suture and bandage quickly to stem the flow of Larussio blood. Instead, Natasha boldly defies me, trying to appeal to decency that after today no longer exists.

A man surrounded by fear and deception can sense it, feel it, and smell it in the air. There’s far more to Adrianna underneath that icy exterior than she wants me or anyone to know. Despite that, she calls to my tainted soul as though she were put on earth just for me.

When I force the hot-tempered beauty to reveal her secrets, it can be our undoing, or a means to an end for a newly appointed Larussio King.

Or a revelation that will kill even the deepest of love.

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