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The Torzial Affair



A billionaire who doesn’t do relationships finds himself entangled with a woman on the run from a mafia crime family.

Jenny Torzial and Brian Carrington’s steamy romance continues as the couple find themselves challenged by forces of the mafia and a legal system hell bent on convicting Jenny for the brutal murder of her ex.

Jenny’s outward display of strength is in direct contrast to her inner turmoil and the real life struggles it forced to face. Is she strong enough to deal with not knowing when and where the next threat in what seems a never-ending string will come? Will the uncertainty of who to trust lead to an untimely death or a lifetime of incarceration?

Is it too much for a man who struggles with commitment? Can Brian truly protect her? Will Jenny be able to submit to Brian’s need for control, allowing him to take the reins in life as well as the bedroom?

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