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Degrees of Acceptance

Cruel Deceptions



He’s mobbed up and will stop at nothing to keep his innocent mafia princess safe from the crime family. But who will keep her safe from him?

A CEO with an allegiance to the most ruthless crime family in the world can be an increasingly dangerous game to play. Especially when the life of my innocent beauty is on the line.

I will stop at nothing to convince my reluctant mafia princess that her place is by my side, regardless of her conflict with right and wrong.

Katarina is powerless against the magnetism of our attraction and newfound love. My spirited beauty soon finds herself emersed into a deadly world filled with cruel vendettas, savage retaliation, and cold-hearted danger that is my world.

She must come to terms with the stark brutality of the criminal underworld that puts her in a constant state of danger. I will stop at nothing to ensure her protection from the rival syndicate. Even if my unorthodox ways go against everything, she believes is right.

When she realizes the extent of my protection, brutality and family alliance will our love survive?

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