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Degrees of Power

Cruel Deceptions



A global CEO with crime family ties. A mafia princess who can’t stay out of trouble. When the Italians puts out a hit, will their love survive?

If keeping Katarina safe means joining full forces with the mafia, then that’s a risk I’ll have to take.

I team up with Katarina’s father, boss of the East Coast crime family, to track down our ruthless enemy and to protect what’s mine. He’s a dangerous man who will stop at nothing in his savage attempts at revenge and we can’t let him win.

Sparks fly when Katarina rises up and assumes her rightful place in her notorious crime family, fighting for the legacy her father holds dear. When she learns the truth about my past, it’s up to her to decide if there’s a future for us, or if she will walk away from me and this merciless world of sin.

If this is our last chance at love, I will fight to the death to win the heart of my innocent princess and keep her protected in the cruel realities of this ruthless world.

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