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The Torzial Affair



A hot, cocky, billionaire CEO who has a different woman on his arm every night meets a woman who threatens to turn his perfectly planned life upside down…

Jenny Torzial is the owner of a consulting company on the verge of national recognition. While highly successful, her professional façade disguises the emotional scars caused by the man she thought would someday be her husband.

Brian Carrington, the cocky heir to the Carrington Steel empire, has concluded that women only want one thing from him – his money and the prestige of his last name. Investing no emotional energy in one-night stands, he has developed the ultimate guard for his wealth, status, and heart.

And relationships don’t fit into that plan…

What will happen when their worlds collide? Can they overcome the demons of her past as he is thrust into the role of protector from a man entrenched with the mafia crime family?

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