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Ruthless Protectors



A possessive bodyguard meets an independent charge nurse who doesn’t want his protection or anything to do with the self-assured playboy.

As a young, wealthy member of an elite security team, Nick Montgomery is used to having anyone he wants. But Allie is the first woman to tell him “no,” which makes him want her even more.

Relying on herself from an early age, Allie O’Conner has learned the hard way to protect her heart. She has perfected the art of keeping men at a distance to avoid heartbreak. That changes when her best friend is in an automobile accident, and she meets Nick, the blue-eyed devil who makes her heart race with desire.

Nick is determined to break down the defenses Allie has so carefully constructed while at the same time, protecting her life from the same criminals who endangered her friend. When those walls finally crumble, will he stay to pick up the pieces?

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