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Underboss's Retaliation

Sicilian Gods



I’m a ruthless criminal with a score to settle. She’s the perfect pawn in a sinful world. Keeping her safe was never really the plan. Especially from me.

Born Dominic Larussio, people call me merciless and cruel. As underboss to the savage Italian Crime Family, it is my job to make sure our enemies suffer in the most brutal of ways.

Emelia, our rival’s daughter, was a surprise, a precious flower too delicate to leave behind in a bloodthirsty attack. The minute she gazed at me with those deep Jade eyes, her destiny in the brutal world of mafia evil was never going to be the same.

My responsibility should be easy. Get the information we need or turn her over to the boss and wipe her from my mind.

But the beautiful hellcat has surprises of her own…

When she finds out what I’ve done, it alters the course of everything and sets us on a deadly game to maintain power over the criminal underground.

When our families learn the truth and the last hand has been played, it’s up to me to ensure I win the prize or lose her forever in the fight of my life.

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