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Ruthless Protectors



He’s a hot, cocky protector that walks a fine line between right and wrong. She’s a prima ballerina with secrets. When truths come to light, will their love survive?

As a fierce bodyguard for a mafia-connected billionaire, Jay’s never protected someone outside of the job and never wanted to.

That changes when he meets her.

Sasha Koslov is a hot-headed Russian ballerina working in the United States. Hidden behind her beauty, grace and sharp-edged tongue are dark secrets and heartache.

When Jay discovers her mafia connections to a brutal and rival crime family, it’s up to him to balance these two worlds while trying to protect, tame, and capture the heart of his wayward angel.

But when truths are exposed and he must choose, will he lose both Sasha and the only family he’s ever known to the savage underworld of sin?

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