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Auctioned: Dark Billionaire Bodyguard Romance

A hot, billionaire bodyguard, a missing virgin, a global trafficking ring and a white-molten attraction that threatens to consume them both.

Damian Melotti is assigned to find the soon to be niece of one of the wealthiest mafia-connected men in the world who just happens to own half of the Elite Security company. The job shouldn’t be that difficult; just locate and bring the young woman home.

Until he finds the green-eyed innocent, and finds nothing is as it appears…

Bryanna Foster has fallen prey to the merciless manipulation of a deadly, global trafficking ring and must not only fight the white-hot attraction to the man who comes to rescue and protect her, but thwart his efforts to get her to safety at every turn.

Because, if she leaves, others will pay for her freedom, and that’s not something this fearless young woman will allow …

Damian must fight both his dominant nature, tempting him to take things beyond mere protection, and the invisible clutches of her fear before it is too late, and he loses her forever.

Is the desire of their hearts enough to win this battle?

Or is the corruption embedded too deep for them to claw their way out ...

Auctioned: Dark Billionaire Bodyguard Romance

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