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Degrees of Control: Dark Mafia Romance

A mafia-connected billionaire and innocent mafia princess are forced together to fend off their rivals. When the enemies surface, will their shot at love survive?

As one of the most powerful men in the world, I will do whatever it takes to keep Katarina safe from our enemies, even if I have to protect the headstrong princess from herself.

Katarina flees from the brutality of the criminal underworld, the label of being daughter to the ruthless crime boss, and away from me.

Forced together in a dangerous power struggle with the ruthless crime family, neither of us can deny the sheer magnetism of our growing devotion. But our rivals strike back with a vengeance, and things go disastrously wrong.

Katarina is forced to fight back with all the instincts of her birthright. The daughter of the brutal kingpin goes head-to-head with our enemies.

But will our love survive the rival’s vendetta and the stark realities in this ruthless world?

Degrees of Control: Dark Mafia Romance

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