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Rise: Dark Mafia Romance

A crime boss heir named Giovanni. A dark-hired beauty caught between two worlds. Will I win the mafia war and keep her as my prize?

After a deadly attack, I’m next in line for the Larussio crime family throne, and in charge of an exclusive casino to keep my uncle’s legacy alive.I can have any woman I want, but I’ve never seen any reason to settle for more than one night with a single woman.

But that was all before her.

Serena Moretti’s family has suffered years of hardship and oppression at the hands of my relatives, they call us Cosa Nostra. Her parents raised her to believe the Larussios are merciless savages. They weren’t wrong. But now that I have her, I’m not letting her go.

My ruthless cousins and I allow our enemies to live, as long as they stay in their own territory. However, when brutal rivals circle too close to the woman I adore, they unleash a fury and wrath they will not survive.

But am I strong enough to keep Serena protected from the greatest danger of them all: me?

Rise: Dark Mafia Romance

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