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Wayward: Dark Billionaire Bodyguard Romance

Hot, cocky, and always in control. As head of an elite security team, Jay’s never protected someone outside of the job...

Until the golden-haired dancer with those penetrating sky-blue eyes walks into his life.

Sasha Koslov is a Russian ballerina, on an extended visa in the United States. She is a vision to behold—
appearing strong and regal to those who watch her perform, but they don't know her secrets and the heartache she endures.

Jay falls hard, only to discover her mafia connections, which conflict with his own. The wealthy billionaires he protects are also mafia connected, unfortunately in competing crime families.

Can Jay balance these two worlds, all while trying to protect, tame, and capture the heart of his wayward angel? Or will he lose not only Sasha but the career he’s worked so hard to build and the people who have become like family?

Wayward: Dark Billionaire Bodyguard Romance

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